Goofing off is the best medicine.


Tragedy on Friday, a mother’s life gone.

Alone on Saturday with the little wild ones. Smacked right up against conservative x-ian rhetoric and sexist attitudes, will make anyone cranky. If what’s in my head doesn’t come out I turn into a two year old who can drink. Hence yesterday’s post.

Eh, what are you going to do when you don’t see your spouse for a whole day and can’t sleep until after 1 am sometime.

Ingress! Driving around town and hacking at portals and deploying resonators as mindless distraction, plus I leveled up, so that was nice. Also added to the mix was a nice iced chai and free reading of an e-book at B&N.

Now I feel better, except tomorrow is Monday and I deleted all the games the little wild ones play on my tablet. Oops, I better get to bed early.