Well since I haven’t been able to use my wordpress site for a while I guess this will do.

The server our sites were on got hacked and now what I wrote about is gone. Lots of fun.

I watched some of the news last night and it kept me awake. I can not imagine what people are going through in the gulf coast. The only way I can try to relate to it is to put myself in that situation. And that is what kept me up. What would I be doing if we were stranded. Especially with an infant. Would we have enough food and water in the house if we had to stay here for a week? Probably not. How would we take care of J. What if one of us was hurt. Would we be able to make it to higher ground, like my parent’s house? I feel so bad.

J has started walking. The look on his face is priceless. It’s a combination what the hell is going on and I am hot stuff. Too cute. He also walks with his arms out in front of him and Steve says he looks like a zombie going after braaaaaaaiiins. He is also working on more teeth. He gets so mad and upset at things right before one cuts. It’s the end of the world if things don’t go his way and the things he wants that will make him happy change every two minutes. I think he is going to be like his mother and not handle his emotions well. That and yelling at other drivers. I know bad mommy.

J’s birthday party is coming up supose I should get stuff for it wraping paper and plates and stuff. It should be fun 17 or so people crammed into my parents house and four of them people 6 and under. I will need to make a cake too. I am strangly ambivelant about it. I’m going to miss my baby.