I hate rain on the weekends.

Ok time to flesh out the outline I had going.

The Zoo.
Loved it. We went to the Zoo last Sunday with S’s family. J loved looking at the animals. I wore him on my back most of the time so he could see everything. We saw the dolphins and the sharks and the bird show. The reef tank was cool. Lots of Dori fish.

The car ride home.
We stayed till about 9:30 at C and C’s new house and I nursed J to sleep in the carseat and he woke up about an hour later and cried the rest of the way home. It was fun. Hope he’s better with traveling in a car by the time we want to go anywhere long distance.

The Party.
J’s party went well. He got lots of musical stuff and blocks and his favorite by far was the wagon my parents gave him. He loves to sit in it and push it and stand in it. Which make walks hard for us. Maybe he’ll like to surf when he is older. The cake didn’t go over too well. So there was no smearing of frosting followed by bathing in the sink. But we do have pictures of an unhappy baby with cake in front of him. J’s cousins were very much into handing the presents to J. Can’t wait until he realizes the fun of opening gifts and we have four kids who love presents on our hands at Christmas and birthdays. All and all a good first party but we forgot to get a cousin picture. Oh well there’s always Christmas.

The breastfeeding.
As mentioned before, I figured out how to nurse with J in a carseat. Oh boy does that hurt after awhile. I have to sit forward fighting the seatbelt pulling me back, twist to one side or the other, and pull the carseat towards me a bit. So my back hurt and my arms cramped up. AND it didn’t help J go back to sleep. It was a big whoop-dee-doo.

Diaper changing.
I forgot what I was going to say here. Maybe something about changing J’s diapers is much like trying to put a diaper on a cat. Yes, I have tried. It’s hard.

My Feet.
I think my feet are going through menopause. I get feet hot flashes. I swear I could cook with the bottom of my feet they feel so hot sometimes. I have to rip off my shoes and stand in the cold tub to make them feel better. It’s really bad at night when sticking them out of the covers doesn’t help. They should make cool gel packs for your feet. I would buy them.

I don’t want to write about my face.

S is bringing home a dvd I am so excited.