Wow almost two months since blogging last. Bad C bad!

Lots of things have happened. Let’s see where to start. How about Thanksgiving. Hmmmm I don’t remember much of it. My Aunt and Uncle came down and stayed at mom and dad’s. Dad, A and I cooked most of the meal. I think B had to do the dishes. We had to have it over at mom and dad’s because B didn’t get their kitchen finished in time. Nothing really interesting happened. Kinda blah if I recall. Kinda like this post. Christmas was ehh. S was sick. Then J and I got sick. I’ve used an entire large box of kleenex. I should find out how much mucus is produced during a two and a half week cold. I even bought a Neti Pot to help me breathe. S got me a photo printer and he got a drill press. We didn’t even wrap them, or wait until Christmas to give them. Just went shopping and said Merry Christmas at the checkout. How romantic. J did have fun he sorta got into unwrapping presents he was really good at handing them out to everyone. He is so sweet.

S and I decided to wait on a trip to Arizona until summer maybe hit a friends wedding on the way and see other friends too. But money from the rentals hasn’t been coming in very well. And we need to pay off some debt before we go gallivanting across the country. We are too responsible.

I am also on my way to making myself fat. I’m on my fourth bucket of vanilla ice cream in the last three months. It’s good to have goals. This way I can stay warmer in the winter. Keep the thermostat low. Yes save money, eat ice cream.

I probably need to fight the blahs a bit better. I have to get the stupid CRP forms done and B’s pants I’m knitting done. I have other things I need to knit. Ah but the TV and ice cream call. I’m a true slacker.

J only talks in his baby jargon. He can say daddy and hot and ouch. But that’s about it. He does speak fluently in gibberish though. We need a translator. He likes to go around and boss the dog and cat. Or hit them. Or hug and kiss them. They never know what they are going to get from him. Poor things. Well not so much. J fits well into his 18 month clothes and is growing out of some of the pjs. He is getting tall. Almost to the top of our dining room chairs. He can pretty much climb on everything. He’s my little monkey. He will climb up into a folding chair sit down and clasp his hands together (don’t know where he got that) and look around and smile, so proud of being a big boy.