this is going to be a little stream of consciencousness sorry

I want

to be able to sit down without becoming a jungle gym, to be able to turn around without seeing another mess, to be able to have the garbage laying around the house find it’s own way to the trash, to be able to have sometime to sit and think, to be able to stop giving, to be able to take, to be able to find those screws even though we have tons of them just laying around, to not be the go to person for junk, to be creative with my time, to be able to get the dishes done without a water monkey next to me, to be able to get the laundry done without someone needing to stand on the dryer, the silverware to stay in the drawer, i want to be left alone after putting two kids to sleep, to not have to put two kids to sleep, you to stay home and not be gone, you to say sounds like a crappy day what can i do to help, to not feel like a criminal for buying some coffee, the stuff i don’t know what to do with gone, to not have to listen to can’t touch this involuntarily, to control the spread of crap coming into my house, i want to get rid of everything that needs a stupid battery to work every day, to stop the whining, to stop the toys from ending up on my desk.

That’s all.