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I thought it would be interesting to record my thought here about a Bible study I am receiving soon. But first a little background.

I first heard about non-Jews going to Messianic congregations about 10 years ago from a friend who said her in-laws were going to services somewhere in Colorado Springs area. I tossed it off as an interesting little tidbit that was slightly odd and proceeded on with my life.

Fast-forward a few years to three months after J was born, I joined a message board that had as one of it’s admins a woman who was practicing Messianic Judaism and was a Pastor. What she has written both online and has changed my world both as a Believer and as a parent. Well this woman, Crystal, would share what was going on with her life and how God was working with her and her family and what she believed. I was intrigued, she offered up her weekly sermons for online listening and then for discussion later in the week. I have never learned so much ABOUT the Bible and what is IN the Bible then when I was listening and discussing with her. I mean I grew up in a IFB church I went to their IFB school for 6 years, I’ve been going to church since before birth, I thought I knew the Bible. Crystal recommended a few books on the message board that she thought where great for people wanting to know more about things Messianic. One of them was Restoration by D. Thomas Lancaster. When I finished Restoration I was set, I wanted to learn more. I was frustrated though, because I wanted to learn and  I wanted to change how I lived my life as a believer,I was stuck, stuck with a lack of understanding, stuck with a lack of others with similar beliefs, and stuck with the fear that I couldn’t/shouldn’t share with anyone else in my life because I would be perceived as being wrong.

Fast-forward again a year or so and I hear from my sister that a couple of families from her church (the IFB I grew up in) were attending a Messianic congregation in the nearby large metro. I heard this and was screaming inside, “Take me with you, I want to learn!” but on the outside I managed a low key, laid back, “That’s nice for them.”  I know this sounds really sneaky but  I made it a priority to seek out friendship with these families. I already knew of them and had met them a few times with my interactions with my family at their church in the past. We were only on the level of friendly near strangers, BUT, we did have some things in common. We home-schooled our kids and were a part of the local home-school email group and we would run into each other on various outings with the group.

Fast forward another couple of years and my sister was inviting me and the kids to the little children’s museum in town to get the kids to play and for moms to get out and chat. She also invited these two families. We went a few time but had other commitments at the time so it was nothing regular, but after a couple of months we dropped those commitments and had free time to spend with other families at the museum. My sister wasn’t able to come every week so the two moms G and A and I were able to chat more without my sisters hearing. At first I would just mention to them about the upcoming Holiday like Purim for instance. I’m sure I confused the heck out of them by just bringing it up out of the blue. Well they were becoming more comfortable discussing things around me about their practices and beliefs and what they were doing as families. I soaked it up quietly, listening trying to figure a way I could politely ask if I could visit a service and insert myself into their congregation like a normal person. (Why yes, I am an INTJ)

Also at this time I began reading the weekly Torah portions either to myself or to my kids for school, picking up a little bit of commentary here and there but nothing really regular and specific it all floating around me from various blogs, podcast, and websites and books. I managed to find the online pod-casts of  Beth Immanuel and listened to them whenever I was putting kidlets to bed. I also found TNN Online’s pod-casts of different books in the Bible and listened to them as well.

So that is how it all began. Of course there were and are bumps along the way but I’m going to try remember life is a journey and I already know the destination.