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I saved up my money and bought Torah Club 5 this year. I’ve been wanting to buy one for a year or so but finally put my money together and with some saving I reached my goal. I was having a hard time deciding which volume to get as all of them looked really good. I was narrowing it down when I saw a blog post that did a little more elaborating on the scope and contents of the v.5. I bit the bullet deposited my saved up cash and ordered, I was going to try and wait until it was available as a complete set but just couldn’t do it, I was afraid I would end up buying and iPad or something.

A little less then a week later I received the first shipment of the the first two Parashas. A few more days later I received the binders and slipcase box. Wow is an understatement, this stuff is slick. Five binders for each of the books of Torah, with tabs for each Parasha. Now I love binders and organization so I’m in love with the packaging.

I am working through reading the portion for this week and getting into the commentary by Mr. Lancaster. I will try and update as I go through the materials.