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Last week was parasha B’reisheet. I’m glad that last week and the first parasha lined up together. It was a very busy week with fixing the bathroom, preparing and throwing a birthday party, and a three day art class. I was to tired in the evening to do anything other then veg in front of the tv and go to sleep at 9:30. BUT I did get it all done. I had the parasha read early in the week and started reading the commentary around Wed. or so, it was hefty, most of the material is available at FFOZ as a free preview so I was familiar with it having read it at least once in trying to decide which set to buy.  The written materials this past week was about 30 pages of commentary on 3/4 of each page so quite a bit to go through. Mr. Lancaster hits up the main subjects in B’reisheet and fleshes them out a bit more. In this past week one of the main points I was able to read more about was the creation story and specifically the creation of man and woman out of man. Also there was the explanation of the helper suitable for Adam without any heavy patriarchal nonsense found in most mainstream teachings, which I really appreciated. Honestly there was so much packed into this very first parasha that it’s hard to describe. No one plot point, if you will, was singled out over the rest and I felt a thorough summary was made of everything without leaving me feel as though anything was skimmed over. I am very happy with the program materials so far and  I am looking forward to reading the next parasha and commentary.


Gaetano Gandolfi