About the hated dog.

The post I wrote about the 10 things I hate about my dog, is my most popular post here. Sadly the dog had to be put down, he was getting very twitchy about the kidlets being near him and snapping as he would startle from his disturbed sleep in the middle of the floor. We miss his chewing on cat guts after pouncing on them as they walked across the floor and the lawn mines he left for us to two step around when we wanted to use our back yard. Also the furnace filter will miss the extra insulation it had from his generous constant undercoat shedding.


1 thought on “About the hated dog.”

  1. Glad I found this site. It seems most of the responses are from women as it’s often women who are in caregiving roles and this includes caring for animals too. It’s too demanding and stressful to be doing all the caring and all the work and family members don’t get it, as they have fun with the pets but are not burdened with the responsibility.

    I made the stupid mistake of getting 2 dogs. They kept running away and I half hoped the noisy one wouldn’t come back but he always did. Recently I came home and they had forced open the gate and had gone. One was microchipped so I was contacted and went to pick him up. The other one was there but I said that’s not my dog (perfect opportunity to be rid of the dog). So now we have just one. It’s easy for others to say what a lovely dog etc but I was terribly stressed by the constant barking and the neighbours complained about this too. He never did poo on walks but only ever fouled up the yard and killed some plants too. It’s easy for others to say what a shame he is gone etc but I do know where he is but I’m not saying anything. It’s nice and quiet now with less stress and I am trying not to feel guilty about not taking him back but I really don’t want him back and have the stress again!!! All these animal worshippers have brain washed us into putting dogs before our own sanity. He also scared off our lovely cat with his constant barking.

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